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BioLib aims to map existing C and C++ libraries against a plethora of computer languages used in bioinformatics - like Perl, Ruby, Python and JAVA, the so-called Bio* languages. This to prevent duplication of effort and encourage writing of low-level libraries.

There is a lot of functionality out there that can be mapped against the Bio* languages. If you have a pressing need for some functionality please ask for it(!) With luck we can help out quickly. The following questions need to be answered:

  1. What C/C++ library do you want to have mapped?
  2. What specific methods/functions do you need from that library?
  3. Against which Bio* language (Perl, Ruby, etc.)?
  4. What OS/distribution are you using (Linux, OSX, Windows)?
  5. When do you really need it?

You can post to pjotr.public01 .at., or (better) on the mailing list.